About Us

Re:Claimed Apparel is all about that perfect mix between fashion and second hand. We want to diminish the stigma around buying used goods and prove that thrifting could be just like regular shopping, only more conscious. It’s so much more than just used clothes: it’s about shifting our focus towards a more sustainable future. 

Obscene amounts of textiles are produced and discarded every day, and that’s just not reasonable to us. We want to be able to contribute to a longer life cycle for clothes, and an updated view on what shopping second hand is like. 

We have already come a long way as thrifting and recycling are becoming increasingly popular, but the goal is to make it the new normal. 

Re:Claimed Apparel is a women-led business based in Stockholm and driven by the founder Alexandra. Her background within fashion buying in combination with her passion for everything second hand resulted in this webshop and everything else that comes with being a small business owner. 

Every piece in this shop is carefully sourced from various charity shops or through donation. Extra thought goes into material composition, details and expression. The garments are then washed and steamed if possible (we avoid dry cleaning), and also mended if needed. 

If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You find our contact form here:  Contact